Book Release: Jack, Jake, Jacque & Jodie: The Get-A-Long Doggies

Book Release: Jack, Jake, Jacque & Jodie: The Get-A-Long Doggies

JaniceMathewsJack, Jake, Jacque & Jodie: The Get-A-Long Doggies, the latest book in Janice Mathews’ Stewardship Jack series, helps children learn about relationships and how to be kind to others. Dawna-gene Milton interviewed Mathews below:

Visitor: Can you talk a little about Jack?

Jack was a little black golden doodle puppy that no one wanted. He was the last of his litter, born in Oklahoma. When I saw him on the internet I knew immediately that he was the puppy for me and I named him Jack before I even met him. I didn’t dream that this furry little puppy would grow into such a lovable good-natured dog with a ministry.

Visitor: What inspired you to write a series involving him?

What has developed is a whole new ministry to children ages 5-7+ called Stewardship Jack. It is centered around books that provide positive stewardship principles in a whimsical, interesting and informative manner to help parents interact with their children and teach them how to happily use the resources God has given them. However, stewardship can seem irrelevant to children and youth. The challenge then is to come up with ways to present these principles in an appealing way. This is where Stewardship Jack fits into the picture. Many people love dogs and many best sellers on the secular market are stories about dogs. As Christ used nature to represent truths, perhaps I can use an affectionate, good-natured pooch to attract attention to stewardship.

Visitor: What kind of feedback have you received from parents and children about Stewardship Jack books 1-4?

I have heard positive feedback from parents of children as young as 4 who want their book read to them repeatedly. I have heard positive comments from all over the United States, and the Stewardship Jack books have taken a trip to Africa and were well received there, but they were originally designed to reach the western culture. Books 1-4 deal with the stewardship principles of honesty, faithfulness and obedience, responsibility and gratitude.

jack_jake_jacque_jodie_janice_matthews_i_coverVisitor: What do you hope the benefits of Jack, Jake, Jacque & Jodie will be?

Book 5 deals with Stewardship of relationships – basic kindness. Jodie is a next door neighbor; Jake and Jacque are dogs of relatives. They were all so different that I thought we could learn from them. It was just a coincidence that their names all start with a “J.” Genuine Christians are known by their love. Our churches and communities will be happy places in which to prepare for heaven as we learn to simply be kind to others, whether they are like us or different. This is another way that good stewardship positively affects lives.

Visitor: What can we look for next in the series?

I am currently working on Stewardship Jack, Volume 6. It is based on Matthew 6:21 and will involve a treasure hunt with Jack. Other volumes are being considered on more aspects of stewardship. Only time will tell what Stewardship Jack comes up with next!


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