Quiz: How to Tell if you are a Church Commitment-Phobe

Quiz: How to Tell if you are a Church Commitment-Phobe

Have you been called a serial church hopper? Been asked if you’re a visitor at your home church? Don’t have enough time to help out at potluck? Then you might have a commitment problem when it comes to your church. Take our quiz to help evaluate your commitment level.

Need a little help balancing your schedule?

(We’ve posted the questions below, too!)

1. How many churches have you attended in the past month?

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3+

While there isn’t exactly a “wrong” answer here, constantly switching and visiting other churches may signal commitment-phobic tendencies.


2. How much time do you spend (outside of work) looking at screens each day?

a. 0-30 minutes  (1 point)

b. 30 minutes to 2 hours (2 points)

c. 2+ hours a day (3 points)

Trained mental health therapist Bonnie Heath says to limit your screen time to two hours a day. “Too much time in front of electronic screens decreases brain stimulation and can heighten distractibility, which can lead to depression and anxiety, leaving some less likely to get involved,” she says.

Could you make a little extra time in your schedule to help out at church?


3. Have you ever been described as a “flake” for not keeping appointments with friends or family?

a. No. I always keep all my appointments.(1)

b. Yes. Regularly. (3)

c. No, but I will change plans if I need to. (2)

Your social commitments may not be directly linked to your ability to commit at church, but commitment-phobes normally have commitment issues in many areas.