Millennials Share God Through Art

Millennials Share God Through Art

by Arin Gencer

For Jacob Gemmell (pictured) and his friends, church had become a routine of sorts. “We just didn’t feel like church connected with us anymore,” he says. “Church seemed more of a production rather than a celebration of God.”

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So, these Millennials decided to find new purpose in their spirituality. After brainstorming for months, they recently launched The Good Forum, a “community of artists and the like-minded” that meets monthly in Takoma Park, Md., to tackle a specific theme. Short presentations followed by discussion make for an interactive, conversational setting that is “less about the program and more about the people,” and offers “not just one perspective of God,” Gemmell says. “You’re talking about a group of people who each has some insight on who God is. … God becomes less one-dimensional.” Read more about this group at, and join one of their upcoming live streams.

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