Shenandoah Valley Academy Students Show Character Development in Action

Shenandoah Valley Academy Students Show Character Development in Action

Striving for excellence in Christian character sets before each student the goal of being all he or she can be—“attaining the whole measure of the fullness of Christ” (Eph. 4:1).

Story by Janel Ware

SVA faculty and staff focus on one of nine SVA character development traits each month during chapels, worships and faculty family prayer time. They also encourage students to apply this trait in their daily interactions, and to observe its presence in fellow students. At the end of the month the Student Association Senate selects candidates who exemplify this trait in word and action. The student body then elects a Student of the Month who best demonstrates the trait. In May, faculty and staff will select a Student of the Year who they believe best demonstrated all nine character development traits during the school year.

The students of the month recognized through December 2015 include:

  • Karen Vallado, a senior from Beltsville, Md., recognized in September for the Brother’s Keeper trait—demonstrating understanding and concern for others
  • Pedro Pereira, sophomore from New Market, Va., recognized in October for the Courage trait—standing for what is right even if you stand alone
  • Janice Pakkianathan, junior from Beltsville, Md., recognized in November for the Honesty trait—revealing truth through thoughts, words and behavior
  • Allie Mae Magtanong, sophomore from Virginia Beach, Va., recognized in December for the Initiative trait—moving from thought to action

Feature photo: Janice Pakkianathan (’17), Pedro Pereira (’18), Allie Mae Magtanong (’18) and Karen Vallado (’16) are the fall 2015 SVA students of the month.