Three Potomac Schools Host Joint Spelling Bee

Three Potomac Schools Host Joint Spelling Bee

Protein. P-r-o-t-e-i-n. Protein.” Eighth-grader  Carina Ming from the John Nevins Andrews School (JNA) carefully spelled the word that ensured her spot as first-place winner of a Potomac tri-school spelling bee at JNA in Takoma Park, Md.

Story by Tiffany Doss, Potomac Conference

Fifteen students from JNA; Sligo Adventist School, also in Takoma Park; and the Tree of Life Christian Preparatory School (TLC Prep) in Fredericksburg, Va., followed Scripps National Spelling Bee rules and practiced words from the official list, then competed in nine rounds. “We wanted to embrace the true spirit of the event,” says Yolande Melbourne, a Sligo teacher and event coordinator. “At each school, teachers and parents worked with the students to memorize their words. In my classroom, we played games, wrote sentences and had ‘spell downs’ and pop quizzes.”

Melbourne hopes to make this an annual event and grow a wider range of participation each year. She says she saw students discover new strengths and connections during this process. “I hope the next time we do this, we see two or three representatives from each school. We want to create ways for students in our different schools to get to know each other and interact. This is a friendly, spirited and educational way to do that,” she adds.

Feature photo: JNA student Taylor Lawson takes second place, JNA student Carina Ming takes first, while TLC Prep student Mikaela Maloney gets third.