Virginia Pastor Writes Book

Virginia Pastor Writes Book

John Coaxum, senior Pastor of the Three Angels Message and Emmanuel churches in central Virginia recently wrote When God Calls, a book about answering God’s call to ministry.

Story by Allegheny West Conference Staff

“It’s what I wish I knew about ministry before I started,” says Coaxum. “Many dash into ministry hastily and end up disillusioned and disappointed because of expectations God never promised and sacrifices they were never ready to make. This book is a practical guide for anyone who senses God calling them to serve—and what they should know before they answer.”

Coaxum has been a pastor in the Allegheny West Conference for more than three years. He hopes the book will not only help the upcoming generation of theology majors, pastors, chaplains and ministry leaders, but also those who are still in their first years of ministry. The book can be purchased at and other online sites.

John Coaxum's When God Calls